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A condensed version of the Peteca rules

Main Rules:

- Peteca is played on a 7.5 by 15 meters court in doubles and 5.50 by 15 meters in singles.

- The court is divided in two by a 2.43 meters high net for men and 2, 24 meters for women and 12 years old and younger boys.

- The matches are 2 out of 3 sets to 12 points or to 20 minutes of real play time per set depending on the first option reached. The frist team that wins 2 sets wins the match. * In recent tournaments the scoring was to 21 points with no need to have the service to score (2017)

- The individual or team must have the service to score points. * Antiquated, each play counts now.

- The team that has possession of the service has 30 seconds to score a point otherwise it looses the serve. * In recent tournaments (2017) this has been shortened to 20 seconds

- Like badminton the players are allowed only one hit per side before returning the Peteca on their opponents side (no passes)

- Service is made behind the back court line and there’s no mandatory server rotation.

- If the shuttlecock touches the net during the service, the opponent team regains it.

- If the Peteca touches the net during the play (except at service) and falls on the opponent’s side, the play is good.

- At the start of a match the possession of the service or the side is determined by tossing a coin. The players change side when a team reaches 6 points or 10 played minutes in every set.

- In the second set the teams start on the same side that they started in the first set.

- If a third set becomes necessary, the official flips a coin again to determine which team will serve first and which side the teams will be on at first.

- Each team has 4 time outs of 30 seconds per set.

- Each doubles team can have a substitute. There are no limits to the substitution but they must occur when the Peteca is not in play.


Condensed rules---------------Complete Rules

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