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Takraw is a very spectacular sport originating from Southeast Asia. It is practiced in many countries around the world but the best players are from Thailand and Malaysia. It could simply be played by passing the ball around using feet, knees and head but there are also more evolved forms of this sport. The most well know of these games is Sepak Takraw which is played over a badminton net. Here are our Takraw Balls.

balle de takraw brune
Our every day model. It can be useful for the beginner player as well as the most experienced takraw kicker. The Takraw 1 is very resistant and kicks very true due to itís great design where all the strands are totally independant from each other.

takraw jaune
Street Takraw ____14.99
Hereís a model that is very popular in the streets of Bangkok.
These Takraw models are Pro Kicker ™ products.



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