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Footbag is the best game to develop an extreme level of ability with your feet. Also known as Hacky Sack it is a complete sport which more and more top players practice in the entire world. Here are a few models for different uses. Buy a Pro Kicker Footbag today and start connecting your feet to your brain like never before.


This Footbag is made of 32 pieces of hand sewn synthetic suede to provide true kicks and great precision. It is a hand washable polyvalent sack. Filled with plastic and metal beads.

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Footbag ProKicker Classique

SAND HACK 8 __________9.99

This model is filled with sand to facilitate foot stalls and freezes. It is conceived with Free Style in mind, beginner and intermediate level.

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Footbag ProKicker Sable8


The Quadra is a beginners hacky sack. Made out of  synthetic suede it is hand sewn, filled with plastic and washable.

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Footbag ProKicker Quadra

RASTA BAG____________4.99

The best seller of  beginners Footbag, the Rasta Bag is hand crocheted in Guatemala. The knitting of this Pro Kicker model is of superior quality.

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Footbag ProKicker Rasta Bag


The Micro Footbag is very small but very heavy as it is entirely filled with steel. This hacky is easy to stall and it allows for fast linking of high difficulty tricks.


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Footbag Micro rempli de métal


The Impact is designed for Footbag net or KICK VOLLEY. It is very hard and made out of almost indestructible synthetic leather. Very fast pace for advanced players.

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Footbag ProKicker Impact


This Footbag was created for those who never wants to stop playing as you can use it at night. Powered by a repleacable watch battery, the Glomaster is a real fun kicking gadget.

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Footbag ProKicker Glomaster

RASTA GLO__________11.99

This hacky sack is a variation on the glow in the dark footbag. The Rasta Glo has a knitted outside shell, Rasta Bag style. A battery powered lighting module illuminates it.

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Footbag ProKicker Rasta Glo

SAND HACK 12______10.49

Another Footbag model filled with sand to ease the catching on the foot, the knee, the back or the top of  the head. A 12 panels Freestyle Hack.

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Footbag ProKicker Delta

HEMP 12________11.49

The ecological model. This Footbag is made out of 12 Hemp panels an it is filled with sand. Heavier than most models for slow play and easy stalls.

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Footbag ProKicker Chanvre12
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